Chinese to spend more on travel than Hong Kong, Taiwan travellers

TOURISTS from mainland China are expected to spend more on leisure travel this year compared to their counterparts from Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to a report released yesterday by Hong Kong-based Travelzoo Asia Pacific.

The findings, obtained from a survey of 4,200 Travelzoo subscribers from January 4 to 12, showed that 80 per cent of mainland Chinese respondents, compared to 70 per cent from Hong Kong and 65 per cent from Taiwan, intended to increase their travel budget for 2011.

Mainland Chinese travellers said they would spend an average of US$3,780 per person, while the amounts for Hong Kong and Taiwanese travellers were US$2,670 and US$1,782 respectively.

The report revealed that ecotourism holidays, with a focus on Tibet, was the trend to watch among Chinese travellers this year. It also found that the increasingly sophisticated Chinese tourist was keen on exotic and luxury vacations at spa resorts, especially those with onsen facilities.

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