Legend Hotels receive halal-friendly nod

SINGAPORE-based Crescentrating.com has endorsed all five properties of Malaysia-based Legend Group of Hotels & Resorts for their halal-friendly services and facilities.

Crescentrating.com rates hotels on a scale of one to seven based on services and facilities provided to Muslim travellers, with a rating of seven being the most halal-friendly.

Legend Hotels, the first big Malaysian hotel group to receive these ratings, scored a Crescentrating rating of five for each of its properties, indicating that food is prepared in halal-certified kitchens, there are kiblat direction markings in the guestrooms, and Muslim prayer timetables and prayer mats are provided on request, explained Crescentrating CEO Fazal Bahardeen.

Andy Muniandy, director of sales and business development of Asian Overland Services Tours and Travel, said the Crescentrating rating was an added value for hotels, especially when catering to conservative Muslim travellers from Gulf countries.

Ally Bhoonee, executive director of World Avenues, an inbound tour operator and wholesaler strong in the Middle East market, agreed, saying the high ratings would help convince conservative Muslim travellers that they would feel comfortable staying in the properties.

According to Fazal, more than 12 hotel brands in Malaysia have been rated so far.

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