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Tags Pilgrimage Tourism

Tag: Pilgrimage Tourism

Explore new experiences in the Philippines that will change your life

Brought to you by Tourism Promotions Board Philippines Made up of 7,641 islands, the Philippines offers a myriad of adventure ideas. They range from city...

Omicron surge prompts Malaysia to suspend umrah travel

Malaysia's health ministry will suspend umrah trips to Saudi Arabia for a month from Saturday (January 8), in light of the rising number of...

Philippines cultivates farm tours and puts faith in pilgrimage packages

The Philippines is broadening its tourism offering with the launch of farm and faith-based tourism. While Davao is the launching pad for farm tourism because...

Sutra Travel says its Umrah portal is a world’s first

Sutra Travel & Tourism Management Group in Malaysia has soft launched a portal targeted at Umrah pilgrims at the 8th Muslim World Biz Exhibition...

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