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Tag: Myanmar Inbound

Year-end Special: TTG Asia’s hottest stories of the year

What kept you glued to us? Here are a few of our most viewed, most read stories on www.ttgasia.com and TTG Asia social media this year

Myanmar National Airlines hops on twin-destination drive

An application to run flights lining world heritage sites in Myanmar and Cambodia has been lodged as part of a bid to boost tourism. Myanmar...

Genting launches pioneering cruise to Myanmar island

Genting Cruise Lines is pioneering cruise journeys to a private island in the south of Myanmar in partnership with local resort operator, Tint Tint...

Caravans to carry tours and footfalls into Myanmar

To raise its own visitor numbers, Myanmar is working with operators and organisations in neighbouring countries on improving cross-border tourism in the region. One of...

Majority of Myanmar safe to visit: tourism specialists

Travellers are being urged not to give up on Myanmar amid ongoing violent clashes in northern Rakhine State, even as travel advisories are being...

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