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Indian hoteliers laud GST revision, but grievances linger

India's Goods & Service Tax (GST) Council has decided to levy tax on transaction value of hotel rooms instead of published rates, bringing some...

Tourism sector awaits clarity on Malaysia’s sales and services tax rollout

The travel trade is eager awaiting details on Malaysia's Sales and Services Tax (SST) rate, which is set to be reintroduced on September 1...

Window of opportunity opens for Malaysia

In Malaysia, the interim period between the zero-rating of Goods & Services Tax and the implementation of a new Sales & Service Tax is presenting tremendous lures for travellers seeking a good deal. But the critical test for Malaysia as a destination choice begins after the three months.

Malaysian trade responds to zero-rated GST

An industry hopeful of the benefits that Malaysia's latest tax changes will bring is reacting in different ways, as the zero-rated goods and services...

Hopes high as Malaysian trade awaits details on zero-rated GST

With the Harapan Coalition now in power, Malaysia's travel trade is looking forward to the promised reduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST)...

With a new government, Malaysian hotels urge review of tourism tax

With the Malaysian cabinet set for a refresh following Mahathir Mohamad's landmark election victory and return to the post of prime minister, the country's...

Malaysia may soon slap GST on foreign OTAs

Malaysia may soon levy Goods and Services Tax (GST) on foreign online travel booking engines, a move welcomed by offline agents eager for a...

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