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Asia/Singapore Friday, 23rd February 2024

It feels like home

Serviced residences operators are switching on the chic factor to make younger road warriors feel more at home. By Raini Hamdi, Paige Lee Pei...

Opening doors wider

India’s new online visa facility has won plaudits from tourists, but the trade wants the scheme to be further refined and properly marketed to...

Catching up on the digital

Singapore’s travel agency sector gets an upgrade, thanks to more stringent regulations and a slew of initiatives aiding in the transformation of members into stronger players.

Seeds planted for new niche

Tourism stakeholders contemplate upselling strategies, tax holidays and a template to grow its budding farm tourism niche

Bangkok hotel sector goes from strength to strength

Bangkok’s hotel sector is entering a period of sustained growth, buoyed by strong inbound travel demand and political stability.

Make China great again

Why are inbound tourism numbers into China, a country steeped in culture and heritage, lagging behind its booming outbound sector?

A balancing act

Although overcrowding at popular tourist sites is not yet causing major problems for some tourism players, it is not too early to start dispersing traffic to lesser visited areas.

A whole new world

A swathe of new developments and visitor attraction efforts are reframing the Middle East – traditionally regarded as transit hubs – into desirable holiday spots, with the Asian market a prime target

Cultural awakening

A slew of revitalised and new cultural projects opening across the city is stoking Hong Kong’s ambitions of becoming a global cultural destination.

Asia’s hidden beaches

With their laid-back vibe, tropical charm and lesser crowds, these are the rising beach stars of tomorrow. Here are TTG Asia‘s picks of the...

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