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Asia/Singapore Tuesday, 5th December 2023

The curtain rises

Singapore has seen an explosion in live entertainment productions in recent months, many of which quickly sell out to locals and tourists

A versatile paradise

From snorkeling adventures to curated festivals, the Maldives offers a slice of paradise to all travellers and at every price point.

Gourmet discoveries

Defying public misconceptions about a starving, troubled country, Sri Lanka’s tourism and hospitality players are ready to welcome the world with flavourful feasts and a warm embrace.

Beyond the Taj Mahal

Known globally for its famed monument of love, Uttar Pradesh looks to diversify its tourism offerings and promote lesser-known experiences and products of the state.

An underrated gem

Khao Lak’s growing list of upscale properties, tranquil surroundings, and plethora of nature-based activities are what stakeholders believe will entice more travellers to the area.

Destination storytellers

The true soul of a destination is best conveyed through the eyes of people of the land. Here are some of Asia’s most enthralling destination storytellers who also seek to create positive impact on their local community.

A new level of wellness

Bali, loved as a haven for health and wellness experience, has reinvented itself to offer even more specialised programmes, discovers Mimi Hudoyo

Singapore by design

From projects by renowned architects to snazzy interiors and made-by-locals creative concepts, the country has no shortage of attractions to entice design aficionados, discovers Low Shi Ping

Up close and personal

The Philippines is inviting visitors to discover the days of old while embracing the future. By Rosa Ocampo

Gems of the region

These lesser-known destinations in Asia are brimming with unique offerings for those who seek the unusual and yet-to-be-discovered

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