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Local leverage

As Asian travellers increasingly seek tours where soft adventure meets culture, travel players are discovering the benefits to community support and preservation.

Planet Happiness, CED unite to bolster tourism destination well-being

Planet Happiness has partnered the World Centre of Excellence for Destinations (CED) to strengthen excellence in destination management and the necessity of the sector...

Thailand’s tourism operators turn to agriculture, food deliveries

Thailand's community-based tourism (CBT) operators and beneficiaries are proving their resilience as tourism grinds to a halt amid the coronavirus, with affected communities returning...

Mushrooming of eco-lodges in Myanmar paves way for poverty reduction

As travellers become more aware of their footprint and the impact they have on locals, hopes are being pinned on Myanmar’s mounting eco-lodges piquing the interest of conscientious tourists wanting to truly immerse themselves in local life.

Myanmar tour operators advocate community interests

Communities must be kept at the heart of community-based tourism (CBT) projects if they are to thrive, said tour operators, as Myanmar announces three...

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