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Tag: Airline Distribution

APG Platform to roll out upgraded back office for travel agents

APG Platform, the fully NDC-based B2B airline booking tool, will be launching a full upgrade to its back office system which will provide travel...

ForwardKeys inks data-sharing deal with IATA, Airlines Reporting Corporation

Travel analytics firm ForwardKeys has struck a deal with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) to include their global...

ATPCO completes Routehappy integration

A year into its acquisition of Routehappy, the first in its 54-year history, ATPCO announced that integration is complete, marked by a bolstered leadership...

APG touts new NDC-compliant platform with lower distribution cost

APG, the Paris-based GSA airline representation network, is touting benefits for airlines of all sizes through its newly launched NDC-compliant platform, given the lower distribution cost relative to traditional GDSs.

Value Alliance now allows one-stop interline bookings on website

Value Alliance is further making good on its promise of bringing interlining benefits to member airlines and consumers by relaunching its website to include...

APG to unveil latest innovations at annual aviation conference

Travel industry members can expect to learn more about the latest innovations in airline distribution when the GSA airline representation network AGP organises its...

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