Monday . March 27 . 2017
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James McBride


YTL Hotels and Properties



James is charged with taking the brand of YTL Hotels to global markets from his base in Singapore. The hotelier has worked for leading companies such as The Ritz-Carlton and Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, and continues to give guest lectures at his alma mater, Harvard Business School, on service excellence and operational process management. Tap his wealth of experience on customer service, bespoke touches and innovation.

Meeting customer standards
What is required to meet the needs of today's demanding customers?
What's the best way to get customer feedback?
Can you suggest some templates for customer satisfaction surveys that would be applicable to travel agents?
Hotel advice needed!
Do you think the idea of a six-room Ayurvedic boutique resort in Kerala is workable? I own a tour company, but I'm considering trying something new with land I already have.
Does the travel industry take customer service seriously?
Do brands embrace customer service and if so, do they have channels that are managed properly?
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