Tuesday . August 22 . 2017
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 David Chambers

 Regional vice president, Asia Pacific
 Sabre Airline Solutions



David, based in Singapore, has been doing business with Asian airlines in the last 15 years, offering them solutions to sell and operate effectively. Today, it's no longer about selling seats, but ancillaries. He is the expert to turn for airline trends – and how these trends are shaping business for both airline and travel agency readers.

Baggage fees for interline agreements
Is it not possible for a seamless policy on airline baggage charges so inbound passengers do not have to end up paying extra on connecting domestic flights?
Why can't an airline sell a ticket at the airport within 24 hours of departure?
Why can't passengers book air tickets within 24 hours of departure? I would imagine that airlines want to sell their seats.
Where do I jump in?
What sort of progress do you see Asian airlines making on ancillaries and bundled services this year? As an agent, how can I make money from it and how do I start?
What's in it for us?
How do you think agents should be compensated for ancillaries and bundled services? We don't make much money on selling airline seats as it is.
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