Monday . March 27 . 2017
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Raini Hamdi
Senior Editor
TTG Travel Trade Publishing


Home is where the trip is RAINI HAMDI
A heartwarming trend this Chinese New Year (CNY) is a rise in family trips among mainland Chinese travellers, which augurs well for the industry.
Towards worry-free travel
What we'd love to see is worry-free travel in its totality, i.e. while safety & security is critical, so too is the beauty in seamless, efficient, friendly and joyful travel.
Grab the opportunity now RAINI HAMDI
Since the mid-'90s, the clarion call to travel agents has been - and still is - for them to embrace technology. So I could not contain my gasp when I hear Grab, one of South-east Asia's most successful startups, say it is embracing travel agents.
Elephantine achievement RAINI HAMDI
We get mystery shoppers and qualified quality inspectors to audit our retail fronts and hotels - why not audit elephant camps, or for that matter, other forms of tourism attractions where there is reason to suspect things are not done correctly?
Shiploads of Chinese guests RAINI HAMDI
Back when international cruise lines were only beginning to show some interest in homeporting a ship in Asia either for a few months or year-round cruising, I remember expressing an opinion in TTG Asia how shortsighted they were to be deploying their older ships. The Asian leisure outbound market was already going places, its travellers quickly grasping a quality product from a musty one.
Safety must be first priority RAINI HAMDI
As a traveller, I used to lament how tiresome flying has become...But today I'd have more stringent checks at airports, planes and trains, hotels, beach resorts, etc, please. This should be the new normal.
What to do in bearish times RAINI HAMDI
When you lose half your money, even though it's just on paper, or when you don't know what to do anymore or where to go just for a teeny-weeny yield for your hard-earned dollars, it is demoralising.
Celebrating travel people RAINI HAMDI
People, not companies, disrupters, technology or behemoths, make travel go round
Come together, right now...
Even more heartening, these are unique attractions in their own right, a lesson for all theme products that all you need is love to ensure that the visitor experience is real, soulful and captivating.
It's not normal RAINI HAMDI
Recent history has shown that when the smell of danger lurks in a destination, the MICE market is one of the first to take flight.
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