Tuesday . August 22 . 2017
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Keeping the land fertile MARISSA CARRUTHERS
Ecotourism has been a lifeline for northern Vietnam, a region known for its remarkable landscapes and cultures, but can it prevent over- commercialisation and overexploitation? By Marissa Carruthers
Planning for tomorrow TTG ASIA REPORTERS
Now that the ASEAN Open Sky Agreement is finally ratified, getting the airport infrastructure planning right and ahead of demand growth are the greatest challenges the region needs to overcome, say industry chiefs
In a state of vast potential S PUVANESWARY
Although lacking direct flights from China, Sarawak could see Chinese inbound tourism take off thanks to new major incentives and partnerships. By S Puvaneswary
Competing for fun PAMELA CHOW
In Asia, the business of fun is a serious industry as attractions keep up the amusement war through constant reinvention.
Clutching at straws of recovery MARISSA CARRUTHERS
Nepal tries to solidify signs of recovery by diversifying into eco- and spiritual tourism, but still faces infrastructaure and pollution issues, Marissa Carruthers reports
A chance for change PAMELA CHOW
In a morphing travel landscape, Singapore travel agencies say they need guidance and unity. Alas, strong leadership eludes them for now. But there's a chance for change, reports Pamela Chow
How OTAs can promote customer loyalty in a new era HUNTER JOHNSON, DIRECTOR, SABRE GLOBAL CONSULTING, ASIA-PACIFIC
What kept customers happy 10 years ago no longer works today. Internet and new technologies have completely changed consumer consumption behaviours and in turn, companies find themselves constantly adapting just to keep up.
Support from an old hand XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
Expectations are high for Myanmar's minister of hotels and tourism Ohn Maung, whose decades of practical experience as a hotelier and tour operator dates back to 1972 in his native Shan State. Xinyi Liang-Pholsena speaks to the veteran on how he intends to steer the fast-expanding tourism sector in the right direction
Citizen guiding: friend or foe? ADELAINE NG
New platforms connecting tourists to local hosts defend themselves in the face of sceptical tour guides. By Adelaine Ng
A breath of fresh air JULIAN RYALL
Julian Ryall takes a look at how the country's largest port city makes a name for itself among international visitors by forging partnerships, launching campaigns and opening new attractions
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Planning for tomorrow

by TTG Asia reporters

Keeping the land fertile

by Marissa Carruthers

Clutching at straws of recovery

by Marissa Carruthers

Competing for fun

by Pamela Chow

In a state of vast potential

by S Puvaneswary