Monday . June 26 . 2017
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David Boden
Industry lead, retail & consumer goods
Microsoft Asia

Get social to unleash employees' potential DAVID BODEN
Social media platforms have become such a pervasive part of our lives that the lines are blurring between work and play.
Big data can drive real business growth DAVID BODEN
Consumer shopping behaviour, preferences and expectations have shifted dramatically over the past year or two. People are influenced by what their friends and even what perfect strangers say on social networks, and prefer booking tickets and hotels online than going in person to a physical office. They want smooth online experiences, and are quick to switch brands and services if they think a better deal awaits elsewhere. We've found that companies only have about three seconds to connect with their customers before they lose interest. It's imperative for travel agencies and hoteliers to adapt, and the best put this new mobile, often fickle, opinionated customer at the heart of their businesses.
Mobile is not a choice DAVID BODEN
The new trend of 'consumerisation of IT', also known as 'bring your own device', has added pressure to businesses to adapt to new work styles and devices of its employees.
Reaching for the clouds DAVID BODEN
Cloud technologies can revolutionise the way the travel industry works, combating shrinking profit margins and ensuring that businesses can easily support new customer expectations today.
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