Wednesday . July 26 . 2017
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 Adrian Caruso

 Founder and CEO
 TA Fastrack  


In this column, Adrian Caruso, founder and CEO of TA Fastrack Australia, dishes out advice to travel experts. A former travel agency and hotel owner/operator, Caruso now coaches travel, tourism and hospitality businesses throughout the region

A-Zs of Successful Agencies: Investing in training ADRIAN CARUSO
After over 20 years of being around the travel agency business, I'd expect most travel sellers to describe their days as hectic. This makes freeing up one more minute, much less an hour, to spend on training and education no small feat!
A-Zs of Successful Agencies: Competition ADRIAN CARUSO
Travel consultants compete for customers against a number of entities, but most are unsure of where their true competition lies.
A-Zs of Successful Agencies: Niche Marketing ADRIAN CARUSO
I often tell travel consultants: The more you narrow your focus, the more you expand your market.
A-Zs of Successful Agencies: Social Media ADRIAN CARUSO
I love social media, and I find it especially powerful as a marketing tool.
A-Zs of Successful Agencies: Customer Service ADRIAN CARUSO
WITH so much focus on the Internet, many travel consultants are overlooking one of the key and most formidable areas that can affect their ability to gain new customers: customer service.
A-Zs of Successful Agencies: Specialisation ADRIAN CARUSO
ONE of the most common questions travel consultants ask me is: "How do I pick my specialty?"
A-Zs of Successful Agencies: Accessibility ADRIAN CARUSO
I have a saying every travel consultant should repeat every day: "Your clients are somebody else's prospects."
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