Monday . June 26 . 2017
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Xinyi Liang-Pholsena
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When too much love can hurt XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
What can we do to travel sustainably? I'll adopt my uncle's cendol mantra - don't follow the crowds
Experiences the new frontier XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
Airbnb was the epitome of sharing economy cool when it first started out, but it has lost its founding aspirations as it increasingly turns into a giant accommodation distribution for private landlord empires
Let personalities do the talking XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
To see, hear, and feel the locals' emotional, cultural and spiritual connection to the land allows the Balinese personality, character and essence to shine more than any destination branding or marketing efforts.
Following in his footsteps XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
The best way for the people to honour the king's exemplary life is to follow in his footsteps... A life goal of mine is to visit all the provinces in Thailand, tracing the king's travels in each province
Let's catch ‘em all in tourism XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
Unless you live under a rock, it's almost impossible to miss the hype Pokémon Go has unleashed around the world in the last two months. Based on the 1990s game but levelled up with the latest technology, this augmented reality (AR) game has taken the world by storm since its release in more than 70 countries.
Now is not the time for ASEAN to use the EU's current disarray to vindicate its gradualist approach, which often results in decision making and integration that move at snail's pace. ASEAN needs stronger cooperation and deeper collaboration more than ever...
Putting hospitality into hospitals XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
Hospitals should do more than following the hospitality sector's lead in its client-centric approach; they should also look to successful hotels for lessons on how to keep employees motivated.
Playing tourist close to home XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
A second look is also what NTOs should give to domestic travellers...Countries with a strong domestic tourism are generally better equipped to withstand fluctuations in the international demand.
Seeking authenticity in travel XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
Experiencing all the different facets of a country, not shunning one for the other, will make for a fuller appreciation of a destination. The opportunity to visit a place as it is, and not how we imagine it to be, should be the aim of travel.
A misunderstood generation XINYI LIANG-PHOLSENA
Millennials are a much-maligned and misunderstood generation. I'm saying this not because I myself and many of my colleagues and friends are millennials. For the most part, I feel that we are a normal lot, or as quirky and diverse as any generation preceding us.
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