High ambitions for alpine glory

South Korea is not yet a top-of-mind winter sports destination, but industry members hope that the 2018 Winter Olympics will showcase the country's finesse...

LCCs: low fares, high ambitions

Budget airlines have enjoyed a stellar rise since their emergence in South-east Asian skies a decade ago. Will these carriers go the distance over...

When passion drives purpose

Travel operators and hoteliers in Singapore are crafting novel tours and products to build upon the country’s new destination branding

Indonesia’s Toraja wakes up from hibernation

Peace has descended and Toraja is luring tourists back with agro-tourism and cultural experiences. Toraja in South Sulawesi is striving to put itself back on...

Wholesome wholesale

An expansion of B2B players in Asia is making the wholesale market more wholesome, providing OTAs and brick-and-mortars greater service, product, availability and pricing...

Growing access opens Pandora’s box

Improved accessibility has brought greater visibility to Vietnam’s central coast alongside other issues. An increase in international flights into Danang is allowing Vietnam’s central coast...

A renewed vigour

Millennials are good news for resorts trying to fill rooms, but they also book more last minute and stay for briefer periods

A reversal of fortunes

After a challenging few years, hotel occupancy in Macau has risen back to 2014 heyday levels.

Yokohama’s big touchdown

With the 2019 Rugby World Cup headed for Japan, host city Yokohama is sprucing up for its time in the spotlight with the country’s biggest hotel, along with other developments, in the pipeline.

Bringing back the Europeans

Sarawak is lining up a series of campaigns and partnerships to entice Europeans back to the destination, which has been impacted by a slew of cuts in air services in the last few years.

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