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Tuesday . June 27 . 2017
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Something to think about: mass tourism, cruises, Brexit
Berlin, March 14, 2017
Can there ever be too much tourism for a destination?
We asked this of UNWTO secretary-general Taleb Rifai and he said: “Growth is never the enemy. It’s about how we manage growth in a responsible and sustainable manner.” Something to think about this year, which is International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.
Who’s the next biggest disrupter for hotels after Airbnb?
We asked this of Peter Henley, president and CEO, Onyx Hospitality Group and he said: “Cruises may be the next big thing that hotels have to watch out for as competitors in Asia.” Not too off the mark, with cruise lines seeing the region as ports of gold.
Where are Britons going?
We asked this of Kritaka Kakkar, Mercury Travel UK and she said: “Outside Europe, with visa-free travel in EU perhaps no longer possible (for Britons) following Brexit.”
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