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Tuesday . August 22 . 2017
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Airbnb's not hitting hotel ADR, occupancy: STR
Hendersonville, Tennessee, January 25, 2017

Hotels are outperforming Airbnb in terms of occupancy and have seen an increase in ADR, according to a recent analysis by STR.


STR compared hotel performance data from its global database with Airbnb-sourced data in 13 markets from December 1, 2013 through July 31, 2016, and excluded Airbnb data for units deemed incomparable to hotels (such as shared accommodations).



Seven of the 13 markets STR looked at are US cities: Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. The remaining six are Barcelona, Sydney, London, Paris, Tokyo and Mexico City.


According to the report, Airbnb occupancy was the highest in markets where hotels had high occupancy. For example, during the 12 months ending July 2016, Tokyo reported the highest Airbnb occupancy level (61.5 per cent) among the 13 markets and ranked second with an 84.8 per cent hotel occupancy level.


In the 12 months ending July 2016, hotel occupancy was highest in Sydney (85.4 per cent) and lowest in Mexico City (68.7 per cent); while Airbnb occupancy was highest in Tokyo (61.5 per cent) and lowest in Mexico City (18.4 per cent).


With the exception of Paris, the study found that hotel ADR increased in 12 of the 13 markets surveyed.


In comparison, Airbnb rates decreased in eight markets and increased in five, with STR suggesting that supply growth could be a contributing factor. A majority of the markets analysed saw at least 40 per cent increase in Airbnb inventory.


In general, Airbnb’s share of business travel (an estimated 10 per cent) was substantially smaller than its share of leisure travel.


The full report can be viewed here.

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