Regional passenger traffic at all-time low: ACI

Airports Council International (ACI) announced a 95 per cent year-on-year decline in regional passenger traffic for the month of April, based on preliminary figures. Nevertheless, traffic seemed to show first hints of recovery with the resumption of domestic flights in China and to a lesser extent, South Korea.

In the statement announcing the figures, Stefano Baronci, director-general, ACI Asia-Pacific, called for a “new normal” where travellers continue to have freedom of movement amid Covid-19. He asked that a balance be found between restoring connectivity and ensuring a safe travelling experience for passengers.

Regional passenger traffic for April fell 95 per cent year-on-year

Baronci also urged governments, health authorities, regulators and aviation stakeholders to form partnerships that would ensure the implementation of “sustainable and effective health measures” in airports.

ACI’s preliminary figures were compiled based on traffic data from 18 airports across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and reflect the status of regional passenger traffic as at mid-April.

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