Hilton gets new ‘Motto’ in the form of customisable rooms

Hilton has announced a new affordable lifestyle brand, Motto by Hilton, to meet the growing demand for reasonably priced, less traditional hotels in central locations.

“Following extensive market research that focused on consumers’ needs and wants, we discovered the opportunity for a brand that offers travellers a trifecta of centrally located, reasonably priced and less traditional lodging that provide a one-of-a-kind experience,” said Jon Witter, chief customer officer, Hilton, in a statement. “These findings led us to create Motto by Hilton, a flexible environment that allows guests to design their stay, their way.”

Queen bed room, Motto By Hilton

Motto by Hilton is described as “a micro-hotel with an urban vibe in prime global locations”. Guestrooms will have an average size of 14m2, and will include space-saving features such as wall-beds, lofted beds, segmented shower and toilet stalls, and multi-functional furniture that can be stowed when not in use.

All Motto by Hilton rooms will be outfitted with Hilton’s Connected Room technology – the first mobile-centric hotel offering that allows guests to control features in their room (i.e. temperature, lighting, TV, window coverings, etc.) from their Hilton Honors mobile app. The brand will also put emphasis on a premium sleep experience by providing blackout window shades, and providing sleep kits with eye masks.

The brand will also have the option for guests to book multiple connecting rooms in advance, as well as allow guests to split payments. While prices will vary by market, Hilton promises “competitive rates”.

Linked rooms, Motto By Hilton

According to Hilton, the brand will be made up of “a carefully curated portfolio of hotels in the most desirable urban destinations” throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Motto by Hilton hotels will be located in prime neighbourhoods, such as the 100-bed Motto by Hilton in Marylebone, London. Construction will start in January 2019, with a targeted 2020 opening. it will be one of the first Motto by Hilton properties.

Other Motto by Hilton hotels are in various stages of development in other urban destinations like Lima, Dublin, Savannah, San Diego, Boston and Washington, DC.

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