A new opportunity for luxury travel in Asia

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Luxury tourism to Asia is increasing rapidly, but its very nature is changing just as fast. Market research shows that top-end international travel agents are now looking for unique, tailored experiences to satisfy an increasingly demanding and discerning wealthy clientele.

In spite of this – and the fact that Asia represents over 30 per cent of global tourism receipts – there is still no travel tradeshow fully dedicated to that space.

That’s where Further East comes in. We’re delivering a fresh innovative event that will be the first show dedicated to inbound travel in Asia. Taking place from the 12-15 November 2018 on Seminyak Beach, Bali.

The continent is unique; it needs its own temple where all Asia’s values are celebrated, in an authentic context. That’s why our new four-day festival will create a global community on Seminyak Beach, Bali, for Asia’s travel elite to inspire, collaborate and grow luxury inbound tourism.

Spearheading this movement is Serge Dive, CEO and Founder of Beyond Luxury Media – the mould-breaking company behind globally renowned tradeshows PURE Life Experiences, We Are Africa and LE Miami. Serge explains why Further East is set to become another industry-defining event:

“Our aim is to create the most efficient and relaxed marketplace and the closest experience to a ‘barefoot travel tradeshow’. With the choice of uber-cool Seminyak and the enthusiasm of our incredible local partners – Alila Hotels, Potato Head Beach Club, Katamama and W Bali-Seminyak – we will deliver an event like no other and provide a cure to boring travel tradeshows.”

Image: Alila Seminyak, the official marketplace of Further East, 12-15 November 2018

Building communities

To be a truly great company, you need to be a small shopkeeper in a global village. The millennial mentality of Beyond Luxury – where personalisation and spontaneity are prioritised over the beige “cookie cutter” experience of pre-packaged holidays – allows us to achieve this.

While business is at the core of our shows, our approach is totally uncorporate. We build communities through shared experience; you don’t just leave with a business card but a feeling of real friendship and long-lasting business relationships.

Creating context

With Further East, we want to be a context creator for the Asian luxury travel space. It’s important that it resonates with the product we’re showcasing – Asia itself – and celebrates it within a relevant context.

We knew that Bali, with its unique harmony and spirituality, would be an outstanding location. We have distanced ourselves from the usual city hubs and sterile convention centres to find somewhere that truly embodies the spirit and the goal of the show.

And thanks to Beyond Luxury’s proven track record, we’ve already attracted some iconic names to Further East. They’ve been explaining why they’re joining us.

We’re going Further East…

…To build relationships that matter

“Further East is about authenticity and spending time with likeminded people who are passionate and have the same drive to deliver meaningful experiences”. — Christina Deeny, Aman

…To network with the best, in Asia

“The calibre of agents coming to the show means we can develop important relationships without having to travel to Europe and America”. — Anthony Syrowatka, Viceroy Bali

…To get real results

“We’ve attended Further East’s sister show, PURE, and trust the qualification process and the quality of participants – every appointment will be worthwhile”. — Nick Downing, The Siam

The corporate way of doing business is disappearing in front of us. In its place we are creating something that has never been done before, showcasing Asia on its own terms and celebrating its unique energy in order to build a truly exceptional travel show.

Join our global community www.furthereast.co

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