Our readers say: power of exceptional branding; sustainability’s the word

Exceptional branding as an asset for travel companies

Several readers weighed in with their perspectives in response to senior editor Raini Hamdi’s Opinion piece on ‘Why can’t Singapore create an A&K?’.

Gaurav Sundaram, president, ProKonsul & regional director – India, Global Business Travel Association

“Very relevant thought…venturing beyond your comfort zone and taking calculated risks will allow for this. The Singapore model can sometimes cloud imagination and creativity.”


“A&K has masterfully created a brand that is bigger than its actual business size. Geoffrey Kent loves to repeat the story that there was never an Abercrombie, that he formed the name based on the nice ring to it. Marketing brilliance over product substance…My main points are these: that it shows the power of exceptional branding, making the brand appear greater and stronger than the underlying business, and that A&K may be an exceptional case of branding that transcends the product offering. So the lesson for others is not to expect massive growth at that high end of the market (which prefers custom solutions from intimate provider relationships).”

Alicia Seah, director, PR & communications, Dynasty Travel Singapore

“Great article and I am sure the readers will really benefit from your thoughts and insightful perspectives.

Just a couple of comments and viewpoints:

a. At Dynasty Travel, we do take our brand seriously and had been very focussed on building it from the inside out brand vision of Dynasty Travel – Customer satisfaction is our first priority and we had successfully implemented it in our business strategies. We have a clear, compelling internal brand and provides direction and motivation to employees and partners;

b. We are also continuously building our brand externally with our corporate social responsibility, D&D, roadshows, brochures production to maintain brand consistency and brand identity;

c. On why companies stay domestic is primarily companies may not want to handle risks and uncertainties on unfamiliar environment and there is lack of resources and expertise to go global.”

What’s holding back bookings growth for Thailand?

After we wrote about why German-speaking markets’ “solid” appetite for the Far East hasn’t translated into increased bookings and longtime favourite Thailand lagging behind, readers offered their thoughts.

Manuel Gordillo, senior manager, travel channels, distribution partners South-east Asia, Amadeus Asia

“Good article. Sustainability is the key word here as far as Thailand is concerned. Mass tourism from China has a lot to do with what is happening here right now – easily one-hour queues in Suvarnabhumi airport upon landing, which is not good for leisure or business travellers. On the other hand, Thailand tourism has always proved resilient. The question is whether local island operators in Phuket and Samui pick up the signals.”


“You don’t suppose that rampant and egregious police corruption and mistreatment and gouging of tourists by the locals could be some reasons for the diminished arrivals in Thailand? In the article, why not tell the whole truth?”

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