Indonesian millennial travellers chase discovery: Agoda survey

Indonesian millennials are showing a greater thirst for discovery and spontaneity during their travels, according to an Agoda survey.

Gede Gunawam, country director of Agoda International Indonesia, said: “The survey shows a big shift from the relatively sedentary approach to travel in the past. We are seeing the emergence of a much more adventurous and independent-minded travellers here.”

Of the 1,000 independent millennials (travelling domestically or outbound) surveyed, 40.8 per cent were motivated by challenging experiences and 42.1 per cent the local culture.

Forty per cent indicate they do not need Google maps when travelling, preferring to walk the streets without a plan. In fact, 52 per cent of them take this further and take wrong turns on purpose.

Moreover, there is a growing demand for unconventional accommodation such as homestays with local cultural experiences or tented camps. Gede said the average accommodation spending in Indonesia is between 700,000 rupiah (US$53) and 800,000 per night, compared to 1.3-1.5 million rupiah in Japan.

Reflecting their active nature, the study reveals that as soon as they check into and step out of a hotel, 45 per cent of respondents will explore the destination and 36 per cent choose to find a place to eat.

They might not do it at home, but 67 per cent shop at the local markets, and 45 per cent like to haggle with the local shopkeeper.

While these millennials are independent travellers in many ways, they are also followers in other aspects. Forty per cent of respondents indicated they like to wear matching outfits with their friends. While travelling, 72 per cent take selfies, 64 per cent upload photos on the instagram and 50 per cent check in on Facebook.

The survey was a chapter of the ongoing #agodabasecamp campaign launched in Jakarta on May 17.

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