Lotus Tours keen to tap Hong Kong through Mandarin Airlines partnership

HONG Kong outbound travel agency Lotus Tours has been appointed the exclusive representative in the territory for Taiwan-based Mandarin Airlines’ branded holiday package tours.

This is the first time that the China Airlines subsidiary, which operates regular services between Hong Kong and Taichung and Kaohsiung, has partnered with a travel agent outside of Taiwan to offer branded package tours.

According to Lotus’ marketing representative, Frank Wong, Mandarin Airlines Holidays would also be available through Lotus’ many sub-agents.

“Mandarin Airlines Holidays, set up as its in-house product brand, aims to develop leisure packages by making use of the airlines’ network to Taiwan and beyond,” he explained.

Lotus started operating the tours last month, with three itineraries focused on Mandarin Airlines’ homeport in Taichung.

“Taichung is only an hour and a half away (from Hong Kong),” said Wong. “Taiwanese speak Chinese, so there is a sense of home. Unlike popular destinations such as Tokyo or Shanghai, Taichung allows Hong Kong travellers to escape their concrete jungle and experience the tranquility of nature.”

“Most importantly, a trip to Taichung is inexpensive. It costs 1/4 of a trip to Australia or 1/3 of one to Sapporo,” he added.

Headlining the packages is a three-day/two-night, four-for-the-price-of-two option priced at HK$1,590 (US$54) per pax, featuring bus tours from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake and other nearby destinations.

Two other three-day/two-night packages include either tours of Taichung’s hotspring spas, or the nearby Sun Moon Lake, costing HK$2,150 and HK$1,990 per pax, respectively.

By Glenn Smith

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